New papers at NIPS and ACML

Our paper "Non-Stationary Spectral Kernels" is going to presented as a poster at NIPS 2017. The paper extends spectral mixture kernels into non-stationary kernels. Important features over previous proposals for non-stationary kernels include the ability to approximate any non-stationary kernel, and especially non-monotonic kernels, with some type of periodicity.

Another paper titled "A Mutually-Dependent Hadamard Kernel for Modelling Latent Variable Couplings" will also be presented at ACML 2017 both as oral as well as a poster presentation. This paper introduces a multi-output kernel that allows the outputs to have a non-stationary, or input-dependent, correlation structure, in contrast to popular Kronecker structured kernels. While this kernel could be used in plain multi-output prediction, we also deploy the kernel in a latent variable model.

These two papers also constitute the two most important papers to be included in my doctoral dissertation, which I hope will be finished by the end of the year!

WiFi hotspot app for Sailfish / Jolla

My new wonderful Jolla phone missed a WiFi hotspot app, so I decided to write one myself.

GitHub repository can be found at An RPM package is also available for install.

If you try this, please note that this is a very first version, and may contain bugs. It relies on the Connection Manager (connman) bindings for QT5 to enable the WiFi tethering functionality.

Edit: If you found this through Google or something, there is now a better app now available in Jolla Store called Tethering by jlehtoranta, and you probably should use that instead.

Testing \LaTeX

This is a simple test of the WordPress Latex plugin.

Bayes' rule for log posterior probability:

 \log p(\Theta|X) \propto \log p(X|\Theta) + \log p(\Theta)

Some nasty integral:  \int_{\partial \Omega} \Gamma(\xi^\omega) \Xi(\omega) d\Upsilon(\omega).

Blog or website

Not sure if I'm going to start blogging or not, but WordPress seems also a good platform for static content.

Most probably the only thing I'm going to write about is some scripts or short tips on Linux and other open source software.