Stable Diffusion demo

An AI interpretation of a comfort food

Stable Diffusion has recently gained a lot of attention in the AI and computer vision community. It is a diffusion model trained on text prompts and images, able to generate images that somehow resemble the given textual prompt. The implementation and trained weights of the model have been made publicly available, in contrast to e.g.… Continue reading Stable Diffusion demo

Fetching electricity consumption data into Google Cloud Firestore

My electricity company provides quite a bad web interface for looking at your electricity consumption. The plotting seems clumsy and you need to click many times to even reach the data visualization. Thankfully their web service seemed to have a way to export the electricity consumption data as an Excel file, so I just needed… Continue reading Fetching electricity consumption data into Google Cloud Firestore

New papers at NIPS and ACML

Our paper “Non-Stationary Spectral Kernels” is going to presented as a poster at NIPS 2017. The paper extends spectral mixture kernels into non-stationary kernels. Important features over previous proposals for non-stationary kernels include the ability to approximate any non-stationary kernel, and especially non-monotonic kernels, with some type of periodicity. Another paper titled “A Mutually-Dependent Hadamard… Continue reading New papers at NIPS and ACML

Blog or website

Not sure if I’m going to start blogging or not, but WordPress seems also a good platform for static content. Most probably the only thing I’m going to write about is some scripts or short tips on Linux and other open source software.